EON: Social and Market Research

The research center ‘Economy. Society. Science’ (EON) emerged in 2005 to build upon the work of the research group that has been working in the sphere of market and social analysis since 1989. Since then more than 300 different research projects have been carried out. The unique experience in collecting and analyzing social information allows for better understanding of the current market situation and more accurate forecasting of its development.

EON is not only a solid team of professional associated, but is also an all-Russian expert resource as it cooperates in many ways with prominent specialists from Russian and foreign research centers, such as  the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Socio-Economic Problems, ROEL Consulting Group and the Hart-group (Belfast).

Our style of research and analysis combines:

  • A comprehensive approach to problem solving from both economic and social perspectives.
  • An ability and willingness  to face complex and non-routine research tasks, to flexibly adjust the direction and the depth of analysis to the specific needs of our client.
  • Reliability and accuracy of research results, obtained by methods that meet world standards.
  • Making use of an archive of databases collected for over 15 years.
  • The ability to carry out research of any scale, from a city or a region, to interregional and all-Russian level.
  • The ability to act as an liaison between Russian and foreign partners due to established contacts with foreign consulting and academic institutions. Among our staff we have members of the European Sociological Association (ESA).