Economy. Market Research

The success of your business requires the ability to predict market changes and to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Do you want to maintain your leading position in the market place?

Do you want to reorganize your business and choose the right direction?

Have you just started a new line of business and want to assess the opportunities and risks?

Or maybe you are just seeking inspiration?

Learning from your own mistakes is too expensive nowadays; you lose both money and time. We will help you reduce ineffective expenditure, e.g. by introduction of monitoring procedures for your management processes, be it an advertising campaign or creation of a new organizational design.

Rather than offering a short term 'crisis-management' service, we work with you to develop a tailored business model which meets international management standards and individual business needs.

We can help you solve the problems of your business and give it a new focus and energy:

From problems to questions.
From questions to answers.
From answers to decisions.
From decisions to action.

We believe in the effectiveness of multilevel approach to applied socio-economic research and are ready to deliver our services in the following directions:

Strategic management and marketing

  1. The construction of strategic development plans and programs for businesses, NGOs and the public sector.
  2. Assessment of the efficiency and impact of existing management systems and making recommendations for increasing its effectiveness.
  3. Organizational Change Management.
  4. Assessment  of HR potential and production of a of focused training plan aimed at its improvement (formation of personnel’s loyalty, creative thinking motivation).
  5. Business-planning improvement, assistance in the preparation of documents for credit application.
  6. Marketing unit design and staff training.
  7. Mapping of public relations strategy.

Marketing consulting

  1. Marketing strategy development.
  2. Market situation forecasting on the basis of expert assessments.
  3. Analysis of the competitive market, SWOT-analysis (provides the baseline for decision making regarding competitive strategy).
  4. Analysis of corporate culture and its conformity with the development strategy of the enterprise.
  5. Optimization of the assortment structure by types of goods and trade marks with respect to market development (costumers’ needs, competitors’ positions, overall market potential).
  6. Development of promotion strategy on the basis of grounded planning and assessment criteria (The main efficiency indices).
  7. Optimization of information flows in marketing. Audit of information collection and processing methods. Content-analysis of information about the organization and markets where it functions.

Market research

In this sphere we offer  the following services:

  1. Market capacity assessment (allows for corrects sales and profits planning).
  2. Analysis of customers’ behavior stereotypes (allows to optimize the structure of market network and the location of new points of sale.
  3. Shopping-analysis – analysis of the influence of the shopping site on a customer (helps to optimize the product arrangement in the sales area).
  4. Analysis of consumer behavior motivations and product selection criteria (serves as a  basis of any activity on the market, from the production of goods and package design to the choice of promotion directions).
  5. Analysis of the demand structure (helps to smooth seasonal demand fluctuations and to keep an eye on the emergence of substitute products).
  6. Market segmentation and the target groups analysis (allows to save resources on product promotion and influence the demand).
  7. Design of the measurement and rating tools for product popularity and customers confidence (brand policy control).


In this sphere we offer the following services:

  1. Development of the brand positioning conceptions on the basis of  the company’s vision of its strong points.
  2. Development of the brand’s main idea and the brand positioning conceptions on the basis of complex market analysis.
  3. Analysis of target groups with respect to their values, matching the brand properties with the target group values (creation/maintenance of group identity).
  4. Development of the functional, social, ideal and mental components of the brand (why costumers need this good/service, why it is better then the others, what its social benefit  is and why people can trust it).
  5. Elaboration of the trade mark name and visual design.
  6. Brand capital monitoring, marketing efficiency and competitive environment monitoring.
  7. Development of brand promotion strategies and realization of promotion campaigns (BTL-services, organization of  promotion/advertisement actions).

Advertisement and PR

  1. Elaboration of the main promotional idea and the key messages to costumers.
  2. Identification of target groups and their preferences.
  3. Development of the advertising/promotion campaign plan, with justification of information channels and advertisement timing.
  4. Advertising materials visual design.
  5. Advertising campaigns in mass media.
  6. Promotion campaigns.
  7. Step-by-step control of promotional campaign effectiveness.