Business, politics and science integration is the basis of effective goals achievement, understanding yourself and your role in this world. Science allows to exceed the bounds of routine and look at what is going on from a different viewpoint.

Our research center is a place that unites people, who are interested in joint scientific activity. Everyone, regardless of academic degree and level of attainment, can make use of the databases with the results of our research, take part in a joint research project, take part in a discussion, get a professional consultation.

Several staff members of the center hold scientific degrees or work towards their degrees as postgraduate students. The performance of our center is backed up by the advice of  leading Russian and foreign experts. The experts of our center took part in the following international conferences:

Fields of our scientific and research interest:

  • Economic sociology.
  • Methods of analysis, modeling and forecasting of social processes.
  • Social structure and social processes.
  • Problems of education and culture.
  • Current political processes.
  • Mass media and communications development.
  • Social psychology of economic behavior.

For further information regarding our scientific and academic activities, feel free to contact us.