Society. Sociological Research

We see a fundamental connection  and interaction between all spheres of social life – economics, politics, education, etc. Only a broad, holistic and comprehensive approach to investigation of social reality allows for understanding the specific character of particular spheres.

Adequate and sustainable social development is only possible with a high level of social responsibility, which is a distinctive feature of major social institutions.

We can help you establish effective social interactions, keep your social image at high level and meet the challenges of socio-political planning: interact with the authorities, win the elections, increase the level of social support in specific social groups.

In the sphere of applied sociological  and socio-political  research we can carry out  the projects on the following directions:

Political marketing and consulting    

  1. Analysis of socio-political situation.
  2. Analysis of the electoral perspectives.
  3. Analysis of voters’ expectations and candidate’s image most fitting the expectations/
  4. Analysis of factors that foster/hinder the candidate’s promotion.
  5. SWOT analysis of candidates’ positions.
  6. Development of electoral campaign strategy.
  7. Elaboration of electoral program.
  8.  Media-planning.
  9.  Monitoring of the electoral situation and holding on-line consultations.
  10.  Quick response to the situation during the election day according to exit-polls results.

Media research    

  1. Analysis of the territorial media and information landscape.
  2. Mass media popularity ratings.
  3. Description of socio-demographic images of mass media audiences and target groups.
  4. Content-analysis of the media.
  5. Advertising campaigns testing.
  6. Creation and maintenance of databases which integrate information about the participants of information market.

Territory development                

  1. Analysis and development of territory public image and the scope of ideas uniting people at the territory.
  2. Territory investment attractiveness and the ways is raising.
  3. Social processes management; city-management; assistance in conflict resolution.
  4. Preparation for referendums and public hearings.
  5. Monitoring of public opinion and the effectiveness of public administration.
  6. Issues of territorial security.

Social design and engineering          

  1. Analysis of the elite structure and the mechanisms of its recruiting.
  2. Motivation and values of the labor activity.
  3. Stimulation of  economic activity of the population.
  4. Analysis of socio-demographic structure of a territory.
  5. Analysis of health care situation and the level of medical services provision.
  6. Environmental culture and self-consciousness of the population.

Corporate social responsibility            

  1. Assistance in the formation of social partnership.
  2. Support of development and promotion of companies’ social programs.
  3. Assessment of effectiveness of companies’ social programs.
  4. Information and PR support for corporate social projects.
  5. Consultations and training seminars on corporate social responsibility.