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How often do you find that tried and trusted business practices suddenly stop working?
The modern world is ever-changing. The practices which were innovative, effective, and efficient yesterday are quickly becoming outdated. To maintain your effectiveness and realise your potential, it is important to constantly monitor the nature and directions of change.

We offer unique solutions for solving socio-economic and political problems. We understand that sustainable development and the fulfilment of potential is achieved only by understanding the different types of human motivations, such as buyers' and voters', employees' and employers', volunteers' and activists'.
The years in the research market
Projects with full life cycle
Countries - geography of ongoing projects
Tailored approach
Work experience with both the giants of the Russian economy (Sberbank, RUSNANO, etc.) and with modern innovative business such as productive company SREDA.
Affiliate network
A networked approach that allows you to quickly access the necessary resources for your project in Russia and abroad.
Diverse experience
Projects of different scale: from the organization's internal environment to urban and regional levels, to the Russia-wide and international ones.


We help answering the following questions
How do you build your personal leadership brand?
How to improve employee motivation in the workplace?
How to boost public support for your projects?
What are the needs of your customers?
What are the current market trends?
How to build effective relationships with other business and authorities?


In our work, we combine traditional and innovative research toolkits.
Mass surveys
Face-to face, telephone and online
In-depth interviews
Population and experts
Focus groups
Modelling of Communication and Visualization
Content analysis
Mass media and social networks
Integration of Sociology and Psychology
Big Data
Combining Social Media Data and Traditional Surveys
Resource approach
Expert evaluation of current resources
Social design


Socio-economic projects
Abrau-Durso: "How emotions and values of the target audience influence consumer behaviour in the alcohol market?"

GAZPROM NEFT: "Dynamics of target audience's opinions and perceptions as a result of the implementation of the targeted regional PR program"

SREDA: Corporate Culture Research with Triangle Consulting group
Socio-political projects
Various elections in the Russian regions of CIS countries since 1987

The mass survey about historical and cultural heritage, commissioned by VOOPIIK

Customer satisfaction monitoring: commodity markets and price competition, commissioned by Ministry of Economy and Competition Policy of the Nizhny Novgorod Region
Research projects
Studying population's quality of life for social management in local development, together with ISESP RAS (Moscow) and the universities of Glasgow (Scotland) and Uppsala (Sweden)

The use of participatory technologies to attract local community resources, together with the University of Uppsala (Sweden)

Transformation of social services and child-welfare, together with the University of Helsinki (Finland)
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